Mining and Resources

Premium Group works along with Cross Border Funding Cooperation (CBFC) offers expert advice on mining and resources related transactions. Click here for a list of products.

Iron ore, coal, thermal coal, coking coal, met coal, diatomaceous earth, fuel oils: D2 diesel, mazut, jet fuel, copper cathodes, copper ore, copper scrap wire, lead ore, tin ore, silver ore, gold ore, iron phosphate, lithium carbonate

CBFC currently has relationships with, or is the direct adviser to, the following mining and resources opportunities:


Iron Ore   –   Indonesia, Philippine, South Africa, Chile, Mexico

Copper Cathode  – Democratic of Congo

Coal  Indonesian

Thermal Coal – Australia, Indonesia, USA

Coking Coal – Australia, Indonesia, USA

Met coal – South Africa, USA

Mines available from time to time for JV or purchase.

Diatomaceous Earth – Australian investment possibility.

Oil – Various fuel oils can be sourced including D2 diesel, Mazut, Jet fuel.

Gold & Silver – Gold mining investment available.

To contact Premium Group and CBFC regarding one of these opportunities click the contact link at the top right of this page.